The first nutrigenomic mineral for ruminants
Génial XXX optimizes reproductive performance
Génial XXX optimizes reproductive performance
Reveal your herd's potential
"Our herd of 65 dairy cows is ongoing  standardized by absorption. We use the Mineral GENIAL R2 since mid-December 2010 and with this mineral it seems easier to make milk. The cows have a brighter fur, they are healthier. Our production level is 7 600 kg of milk with a ration of 50% corn, 50% grass. Our milk production has increased in quality and quantity.
We inseminate the whole year, about 12 cows per month and since we use GENIAL, the cows express better their heat and fertilize better. We gained more than 7% on the percentage of first-AI pregnant cows."


La pilonnière – GIVERVILLE 27.