The first nutrigenomic mineral for ruminants
Génial XXX optimizes reproductive performance
Génial XXX optimizes reproductive performance
Reveal your herd's potential
"We think we've seen an impact on animal stress, but our herd is still an extremely lively herd, but we've seen a real change in the expression of heat. Very quickly, we saw a lot of expressions, whereas previously, the heat detector signaled them without our having seen them move. The mineral also allowed us to have a constancy in production: the cold weather of February 2012 for example did not decrease our production. Many other changes have taken place in breeding since the introduction of the GENIAL range, which in parallel allows a steady increase in the high level of production to continue to improve breeding results (gain of 70 days on the In 3 years, and decrease in UPC of 0.6)."


Bussy le Repos (89),

Why the choice of GENIAL ?

To mitigate the stress response of animals, including heifers.

More information:

Distribution 350g / day of REUSSIT’ R30. When putting on the grass, the animals have PATI'VERT buckets. Dry cows have the products of the TARI'GEST range available.