The first nutrigenomic mineral for ruminants
Génial XXX optimizes reproductive performance
Génial XXX optimizes reproductive performance
Reveal your herd's potential
"Previously, there were still outbreaks of cells from time to time, without really knowing why, with a high average level (between 300 and 400,000 cells).
One month after starting the distribution of the mineral: the cell rate dropped below 300,000, to stabilize at 200,000 on average. In addition to this decrease, it is a constant that GENIAL has brought us: our results are stable over time, and we must no longer manage these incessant rise of cells; The quality of our milk is actually improved.
Fertility and fertility were also improved: 30 days gained on the calving interval / IAF, and 20% of cows at 3IA! "



Saint Frimin des Bois (45),
Breeding Prim’Holstein.

Why the choice of GENIAL ?

To improve fertility and reduce outbreaks cells.

More information:

Distribution 350g / day of REUSSIT’ R30. When putting on the grass, the animals have PATI'VERT buckets. Dry cows have the products of the TARI'GEST range available.