The first nutrigenomic mineral for ruminants
Génial XXX optimizes reproductive performance
Génial XXX optimizes reproductive performance
Reveal your herd's potential
"This year, breeding is ensured by the use of 10 doses of bulls benefiting from genomic information and the use of sexed seeds. We select on milk of course but especially on the limbs and the udder. We also use Embryonic Transplantation with sexing of embryos. The diet is strictly based on grass and hay silage supplemented with barley and wheat, with 800g of canola meal and soya and 200g of minerals. We have never neglected the contribution of minerals to complement the ration and since September 2009 we have chosen the products of the GENIAL range: Successful R2 for reproduction and Persist'P2 for the duration of lactation. The first observed results of this change in range were a renewed appetite of the animals and a better expression of the heats. We had difficulty detecting the heat because our animals did not show much. Now the females galumphing more and our heifers, strong producers return in heat by being well cycled. Previously the fur of the animals was thick and a little red, sign of a bad assimilation of copper, today the fur is shiny, a sign of good health. Due to the presence of chelates and beta-carotene and other novelties, the GENIAL mineral is well-priced for a high-end mineral because betacarotene is in the repro what the turbo is to the car. We believe that the progress made in bull selection and nutrition is comparable. We want to benefit from the genomics advances to make advances in advancing our herd in production and reproduction."


Saint Jean de Nay (43),
altitude 950m,
35 cows Prim'Holstein at 7600 kg (TB 40,8 and TP 31,4).